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Everything a true fan dreams of! Countless graphics - including award-winning album covers and internationally recognized T-shirts. It's not everything! -Something special? Collector's Editions, you keep asking for VIP package ? We supplemented its unique content with the one created by us 100% handmade workshop graphics. The tradition of creating etchings, now somewhat forgotten - is something unique these days, something what is being hunted. For the needs of Percival Schuttenbach, each buyer of a unique package has acquired unique workshop graphics, made in the same technique as it was made many centuries ago!

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Special editions: the example of the Dzikie Pola album. As a co-publisher, we took care of everything - from concept through production to delivery to fans. We have applied many solutions that cannot be found among standard publishing houses, designers and artists. Each of the elements was marked by our own work, each complemented - each complemented what is most important, i.e. music!

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Why is all this so important? The average listener grabs the record, just a piece of plastic is run in any player. For a fan? The real sphere Sacrum where the smallest detail counts. Not a record, but a medium - energy, content and art of an idol! No t-shirt there - it's a second skin for a fan. Pin? What a pin! It's a slightly winking wink to another fan in office conditions, when a T-shirt with a phenomenal pattern is too distinguished. You absorb music - and the whole thing is supposed to complete and enjoy. With the best Creator and captivating music, absorbing production - the whole thing is incomplete without proper graphics. Just like with a book - with music, your imagination matters; however, help is needed to guide her so that the queen of abstract arts, music, reaches new dimensions!

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